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Keeping Strong – My Workout Plan

Winter is the perfect time to hit the gym – it’s the safest way to get in a good workout whenever you want, no matter the weather! I was never much of a gym person – I used to struggle sticking to a programme, found it hard to get the motivation to go, and don’t […]

Oversized Tees – When and How to Wear Them!

Want a simple, everyday style that’s flawless and effortless? Do you want to get people’s heads turning as you walk by? You need an oversized tee in your wardrobe, and this is why.

SPECIAL FEATURE: Fitspo from NicoleKateFitnes

Hey Everyone! New Zealand has just been released into Level 2 – that means no more lockdown! How excited are you? I’m super excited to be able to share this post. An old friend of mine from High School has been on an amazing fitness and lifestyle journey lately, and has been truly inspiring for […]

Fall into Winter – Staple Pieces for your Wardrobe this Winter!

While the weather is getting colder, it’s time to put our summer bikini’s away, and pull out our cozy jumpers, boots and jeans! My favourite thing about winter is stocking up on cute knits, scarves and beanies, and cozy long sleeves. I’ve found over the years that there are certain pieces that I can not […]

Get your Sweat on – Best tracks in Whakatane!

With lockdown upon us, the best thing we can do is stay in our bubble and workout locally. These are the best tracks to check out in Whakatane – if you’re a local, or next time you visit!

Fashion on a Budget – Where and HOW to Shop!

I love shopping – whether it’s in store or online – but I’m always on a budget! This is how I shop for the best deals and to get the right items for my wardrobe!

Self Care 101 – YOU are the Most Important!

Self care is one of the most important things that a lot of people don’t spend enough time doing! Here’s some simple things you can do to show yourself more love ❤

Get to Know Me in 15 Random Facts

Get to know me – 15 Random facts that I could come up with that no one really knows!
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